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309 East Broad Street 
Burlington, NJ 08016

Welcome to St. Barnabas Church!  This Parish Church is a Community of Christians who gather each week to hear the Gospel, to learn the faith, to share the sacraments, and to join in fellowship so that we may carry Jesus Christ into all the world.

Hello and welcome to St. Barnabas Church in Burlington NJ. My name is Don Haney and I am the Website Administrator of this church. So what’s deal with St. Barnabas? Well this is the deal. We are a church like no other. We are simply just a great place to come and worship every Sunday. We are not the largest group to congregate on Sundays. In fact we might be one of the smallest, but we are a strong and comforting group of people that come and worship every week. We have that small church hospitality feeling and everyone agrees that there is not a friendlier place to following the teachings of Christ than St. Barnabas. I was just a kid when I started coming to this church. I was not a church guy but my Mother, who was the organist at the time, insisted on bringing me on Sundays. One thing lead to another and 18 years later, I have been the Sr. Warden, Acolyte Master, Treasurer, and Website Administrator of this beautiful parish. So you might ask yourself, why did I stay? Why did I become so infatuated with the culture of St. Barnabas? Why did I stay to worship at a place that is a half hour away from where I lived and still continue to do so 15 years after my mother decided to leave her position as organist? It’s because of the people. I cannot think of a greater place to pray than this congregation. This building is something special and it is surely one that is being look after by our Lord on a daily basis. So if you are looking for a new church for the family, for yourself, for a visit, for a dinner, rummage sale, cup of coffee, than why don’t you stop by at St. Barnabas Church in Burlington. I think you’ll agree that after one visit, you are going to want to come back.

- Donald J. Haney

(Website Administrator of St. Barnabas)  

Welcome to St. Barnabas Church